My name is Lorenzo Bustillos, a multidisciplinary designer, artist, and professor at Istituto Marangoni. I currently teach Product, Interior, and Visual Design courses while also managing our 3D Print/Fab Lab. Born in Caracas in 1975, I grew up between Venezuela and the U.S. and have lived and worked in Milan since attending the Domus Academy in 1998.My passion for creating began when my grandfather gave me my first set of tools at age five, and I've been building stuff ever since.

In 1997, I earned a degree in Industrial Design from the Instituto de Diseño de Caracas. The following year, I completed a Master's in Design at Domus Academy, learning from Dante Donegani, Giovanni Lauda, Andrea Branzi, Clino Castelli, Massimo Morozzi, Denis Santachiara, and other leading minds.I've collaborated with studios such as Sowden, Monzini-Raboni, Bello Dias, and Juanco/Lorbus.Since 2001, I've freelanced, working alongside designers and architects like Juan Carlos Viso, Pascal Tarabay, and Progetto Bianco. My work has been featured in various exhibitions and events, including the Salone Satellite in 2002."

I've designed products and objects for Diamantini & Domeniconi, Sintesi, Banal Extra, Kasthall, Cleaf, Dorado Pizzorni and Sons, Arepabox, FooooR, and Blanx.I've created spaces for Cut Milano, Aliamed, and Mobilservice, and developed concepts for Studio Ito/Canon/Softbank, Mycrom, Progetto Bianco, and Olivares.I've also produced videos for Juvia Miami Beach and Mavari, and composed music for Nespresso and the iOS game 'Life on a Ball.

From 2011 to 2018, I led over 25 Master's and Pre-Master's courses at Domus Academy.In 2018-2019, I worked at Olivares Creative Evolution, overseeing branding, corporate identity, product design, fair exhibitions, and cardboard furniture projects.My work has been featured in publications such as Wallpaper, DDN, Designboom, MocoLoco, Marie Claire, and NYT Magazine.

Since 2021, I've been exploring the potential of AI and generative design, giving lectures on their applications in product development, interior space creation, and graphic illustration. Embracing creativity, I welcome this new wave of innovation.I love sketching, drawing, and painting, and have played the electric guitar since I was 11. I also enjoy spending time with my wife and kids in a cabin in the woods.

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